We are a journal for how collaboration can be experiential: to entwine conflicting artistic manifestos with locations via sonic and or visual exploration to draw from Ashley and Eddie Ade’s lived experiences and sketch scenes of new world experiences. Our medium of collective expression is a contributive, continuous, boundary-less, sustainable art practice. We believe in growth. We listen, verbalise, critique, learn and share the social ideology that is creativity. The AKH framework envisages Ashley’s sonic performance-based practice alongside Eddie Ade’s multidisciplinary and pluralistic curatorial practice- as a call to action- to enter as provocateurs into non-institutional and institutional spaces. We are motivated by the myriad of creativity expressed via blackness. Ashley and Eddie Ade revisit the complexities of their Caribbean and African descent to become AKH and enable audiences of any background into our vision of a future full of positive narratives, where we enjoy and elevate Black talent and ideas. We interact in dialogue, to build, and to AKHIVE, to approach to address inequality in artform collaboration across art & design. To implement a coherent methodology for doing so, building upon & and progressing the: ‘International Decade for People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development (2015-2024)’. We aim to work alongside intra-institutional organisations.